HR Management

In every business or organization, people are the greatest resource. That makes having state-of-the art HR Management practices a must today – and also for SME, non-profit organizations or social institutions. It is not only about being efficient or avoiding legal cases, but also about offering your employees and candidates an outstanding and on-going professional experience once joining your organization.

As an HR professional with longstanding experience on strategic and operational level, I know all the standards and best practices in today‘s HR Management. However, just because an option is available, doesn’t mean it’s necessary. Especially smaller companies should focus their resources on critical topics.

I am ready to support you in defining and implementing custom-made, pragmatic HR tools that meet your current requirements and can grow with you. Depending on your needs, I can act as consultant, project leader or interim-manager.

Find examples of my work in HR Management in the box. More customized approaches are available - contact me for more details!

HR Management for SME

  • Analysis and optimization of your HR processes
  • Setting up and structuring your HR Management
  • Reviewing your HR strategy, HR policy, HR regulations
  • Development and implementation of custom-made HR instruments (e.g. MbO process, performance management, HR controlling, job architecture, recruitment process, employee regulations, employee engagement surveys, social plan etc.)
  • Sparring partner for Executives in staff-related questions
  • Recruitment of key positions (incl. assessment)
  • Coaching and training of your HR team
  • Preparation of restructuring measures / staff reduction
  • Key note speeches and trainings on HR and people management topics (e.g. difficult employee discussions, change management, interview techniques, leadership concepts, giving effective feedback etc.)
  • Interim HR Management (e.g. Head of HR, strategic or conceptual tasks, developing processes, managing projects, maternity leave cover, bridging resource gaps)


Organizational & Leadership Development

  • Design and facilitation of strategy workshops
  • Review / adaptation of organizational structures
  • Consulting Executive Boards in restructurings or integration processes (post merger or acquisitions)
  • Accompanying start-ups from pioneer phase to differentiation and integration phase
  • Planning of change management activities
  • Development of mission / vision statements or leadership principles
  • Teamdevelopment and workshops to improve communication or collaboration of teams
  • Conflict mediation
  • Training modules, development centers or 360° feedback processes for leaders
  • Selection, Development, or Career Assessments
  • Concepts for staff development, career paths, talent management or succession planning

Every organization is continuously developing in any dimension of the "magic triangle" between strategy - structure - culture. Whether you are growing, restructuring or repositioning yourself: any change starts and ends with the people working in the system.

Are you looking for a partner to support you in realigning your organization, implementing new processes, building up new skills, or establishing a new leadership culture based on your defined values? Or do you simply need additional human power in a change-process that exceeds the resources of your organization?

Whether it‘s a training, a detailed analysis, a concept or hands-on implementation support on site, I am here for you. An initial conversation helps us clarify your needs and the possibilities of working together. Based on my offer you can decide on the type and scope of the mandate.

Find examples of my consulting practice in the box. More customized approaches are available - contact me for more details!


During the course of our lives and professional careers, we all get sometimes to the point of a big challenge, difficult decision, personal stress or uncertainty. From experience I know how valuable a sparring partner can be in such a moment, to help you reflect your own behavioural patterns, beliefs, and ways of thinking.

As an experienced coach with a broad variety of methodologies I support individuals, leaders, project managers or groups in developing their leadership skills, strengthening their personal resources, planning their career, in crises or phases of professional reorientation. Thanks to my background in transactional analysis, experience shows that we can get to the point rather quickly, even in difficult issues.

In a first non-binding conversation we clarify your needs and goals. A written contract defines frequency, duration and modality of the coaching process - if necessary in agreement with the employer.

Find examples of my Coaching practice in the box. More customized approaches are available - contact me for more details!

One-on-one Coaching for leaders

  • Reflection of own leadership work, resolving current issues
  • Preparing new leaders for their first leadership role (first 90 days)
  • Sparring partner for CEOs
  • Coaching to further develop self / social / leadership competency

One-on-one Coaching for individuals

  • Career Check, Career Coaching
  • Job application training, interview training
  • Coaching in difficult job-related or private situations
  • Support in starting up your own business

Team / Group Coaching

  • Leadership forum (working on current practical leadership issues incl. short theory inputs)
  • Supervision of working and management teams